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Avoid veto rights in your organisation

— August 16, 2023 —

Running an organisation based on veto’ is one of the worst things you - as a manager - can tolerate. Veto means you can pull the plug anytime. It not only slows down your organisation, it also creates the uncertainty that decisions can be overruled and therefore lowers accountability and identification. It’s a lose-lose situation.

So, how to fix that? If you have veto rights, it’s a clear indicator that delegation of decision making/ power is broken somewhere in your system. Delegation poker is a simple but powerful - and still my favourite - tool to create transparency and alignment between different parties who’s calling which shot. It’s part of Jurgen Appelo’s Management 3.0.

Delegation Poker and its levels Delegation Poker, Management 3.0 by Juren Appelo

Btw, there is no problem - as a manager - to take more decision power (and therefore delegate less) at the beginning. Delegation poker an explicit and transparency approach, which allows everyone align with.

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