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Goodbye QA?

— November 01, 2023 —

Another year, another RIP of QA …

Yes, QA changed quite a lot during the last decade - btw, same as software engineering!

Often, there is this saying that QA should be done by Software Engineers. What’s actually meant by this is a high degree of test automation. And I absolutely agree to this. However, there are two issues …

  1. Environments with high degree of test automation in all aspects rarely exists. This means, manual QA is still required.
  2. Even if you are working in such an environment - lucky you -, you will realise that the mindset of QA Engineer and Software Engineer are very different. Coming up with good test cases is a dedicated skill.

So what?

In my humble opinion QA will stay. It’s just the approach which changes based on your context.

PS: This post is a reaction on a discussion at LinkedIn

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